Gold on Vellum

Photography by nature allows alteration and transformation of scenes or events into personal alternate realities. Technology has provided me the ways to work in the photographic arts and go beyond the reality of the image in the camera with the freedom to express myself that other mediums offer. I combine traditional techniques with contemporary ones. This enables me to record and then reinterpret the world around me. I work on an intuitive level without a predetermined image in mind. The serendipity of working in different mediums is what keeps me excited about experimenting with different photographic processes. This body of work addresses my fascination and love of lush gardens and landscapes. With this work I try to evoke a feeling of romance while addressing the fragility of nature.


I printed the images on vellum and then backed them with gold leaf. When I was fininished I varnished them to enhance the image and make the vellum more transparent.