Still Life - transfers to Gampi paper

  This series is about the hidden and delicate beauty in nature that is often not seen. I find these small and fragile creatures, sometimes alive and sometimes dead, on walks and in my garden.  Inspired by the intricate designs in nature, it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful these commonly overlooked beings are. I have found that by photographing them in a portrait setting  I can bring out their amazing shapes and textures. The resulting images somehow elevates their significance . Although most of the subjects are dead there is still a quiet beauty and energy that emanates from the images as if they were still alive.  These insects, birds  and reptiles are frozen in time so that their beauty will be remembered.


The technique I chose to use for this series was  Alcohol Gel Transfer.

Images were printed on transparency material and then transferred to a substrate using alcohol based gel. I transferred these images onto Japanese Gampi paper and then varnished them which I feel further enhances the delicate and fragile nature of the subject matter. I printed them small so the experience of viewing them would be more intimate.