Poetic Nature -transfers to Kinwashi paper

The boundaries of photography are constantly changing the way I make my photographs. Fueled by experimentation with many different processes, I combine traditional photographic techniques with contemporary ones. This enables me to record and then reinterpret the world around me. I am often amazed at the shapes and textures that appear in my work before and after processing them on my computer. That serendipity is part of what keeps me interested in exploring new subject matter as well as photographic techniques.

My current work explores the relationship that exists between nature’s beauty and it’s destruction. My inspiration comes from my awareness of our changing environment and it’s need for conservation.

In the Kinwashi series I place images of various insects on backgrounds of gardens, parks, and flowers. I use dead objects in my work to symbolize the changing seasons and rhythms of nature. By layering images of dead insects and beautiful parks and gardens I get amazing shapes and colors that are not always in the original image but help contribute to the overall ethereal feeling, which is further enhanced by transferring the image onto Japanese Kiwashi paper.